“LORD! I just asked for ONE… just ONE!”

DISCLAIMER: I’m a tragically uncommitted blogger. This was actually written days ago and finally is getting published. So really, this was like… a week ago.

my sweet father was sadly reminded the other day that somehow he ended up with the most uncoordinated, un-athletic children on the face of the planet.

You see, this year the tables have turned and my brother is the one who can’t watch any movies, no music, no games… nothing. So we’ve had to reach outside our typical entertainment and go for some family-stretching activities.
Enter: tennis.

We all have racquets…  and a massive collection of tennis balls. It would appear that we are a happy Wimbledon-loving family. FALSE. We play once every year or so, remember that we have no tennis talent whatsoever, that our grips are crumbling apart and leave the court after about 30 minutes or so. Tennis fail, every time.

This adventure was no different. At one point my father looked the heavens and cried, “LORD! I just asked for ONE… just ONE child who could play sports…. WHYYY?”
sorry to disappoint, Dad. I have a wicked fast Wii tennis serve.

Mom and I then decided to compile the lists, put on our game faces and… go to HEB.
I can’t even tell you how much I LOVE going to HEB. As a Tyler resident (and Bethel staff member) I now have some loyalty and devotion to Brookshires. and I gotta hand it to them, the patio at FRESH is the bomb-diggity. But HEB holds some major sentiment in my life… I mean, the ghetto HEB around the corner from the Baylor campus is near and dear to every Baylor Bear’s heart.
on this year’s menu: Peppermint Cake with White Chocolate Ganache and a Layered Peppermint Cheesecake Cake.
I’m theming this year. and also trying to buy up HEB’s entire stock of heavy whipping cream, apparently.

The board game challenge is well on its way… tonight’s pick? Cranium! A personal favorite.

Dad is rather serious about his Cranium strategy. Its best to be focused, really.

Anyone? Anyone? The hint was “process.”
I’ll give you a moment….




Answer is: MUTATION!
Mom got it. I was thrilled. Thanks Ninja Turtles for being awesome. (side note: we actually weren’t ALLOWED to watch the Ninja Turtles, so I was pleasantly surprised that Mom got this.)

We also made our way to the Dickinson light park walk thing… I wrote an entire post about our attempt at this last year. This year? WIN. Smooth sailing, all the way through. We high-fived on the shuttle bus home in celebration of our success.

We even found a Sic ’em light tunnel. Go Bears GO.

After the shuttle high-fives we made our way back to the family van and feasted on Christmas cookies that we brought along for a celebratory moment… or to be a backup treat in case things went terribly wrong.

BIG day. My mom busted out all the Fiesta dishes today and I got my half of the inheritance. Call me the prodigal daughter. I’m going to go squander my platters and pitchers and revel in throwing excellent dinner parties now.

::Coming soon… Christmas Eve/Day with the Melinder fam.


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