Sew, a needle pulling thread.

if you happen to follow me on twitter , then its quite possible that over the last few weeks you thought to yourself,

“hmm. Lacey keeps tweeting about a quilt. I wonder how soon before she starts tweeting about cats and her latest and greatest coupon-ing find? Has she turned to the dark side? Really, is the social life in Tyler really that dismal, that quilting has become her primary source of entertainment???”

Fear not, my friend. I have friends. We eat Mexican food regularly and do fun things other than sit around and talk about Friday Night Lights. Sometimes. Not all the time. Tim Riggins is a boss, lets be honest. Its conversation-worthy.

Since high school I’ve collected t-shirts that have been meaningful to me, always secretly hoping that they would one day all vanish in a magical wisp and reappear into t-shirt quilt form on Christmas morning. Well, this Christmas, Santa did one better.

Meet Betsy (you see, it rhymes with Etsy):

I’ve wanted a sewing machine of my own for awhile and my sweet parents went to mounds of trouble to find one that was high quality. They just don’t make ’em like they used to…

I decided to give Betsy her grand debut by starting with something BIG. The t-shirt quilt. My long-awaited project. I read quilting blogs, called friends who made their own and nibbled my fingers in worry that I would mess it up big. Finally one day just decided to dive in and go for it. About three and a half weeks later… its done! I’m so happy with the final product even though it didn’t turn out exactly how I planned in my head.

See, there are a few important things I learned during this project:

  • Start with a clear vision and make a plan. Don’t freak out when the plan changes. – I feel like this is good life advice right now. Have a vision, misson and god-center goal. Make a plan about how to get there, but hold it loosely. You never know what the Lord is going to do.
  • measure. Measure. Measure again. Measure AGAIN. and then cut with confidence. – There is one tragic square in the SMACK DAB center of this thing that is a great reminder to me. Its all crazy, wonky, janky (pick your adjective) because I didn’t prep it the right way. I got too excited and wanted to begin without taking all the steps I should’ve. Sometimes we don’t take care before we step forward. Wise counsel, prayer and devotion to God’s word are vital to moving forward in confidence. What gives me even greater confidence though is the knowledge that God gives wisdom AND grace to his people. If I trust Christ with all of my heart, soul and mind, I can trust that he has been good and will continue to be good as I walk forward.
  • Flaws are going to happen- Clearly, I’m human and sometimes I would get a little distracted by the tv. Not every square was perfect, so the fit isn’t perfect. But here’s the deal… I’m probably the only who notices because it still works. Even something imperfect is valuable and useful. We are beauty from ashes.
  • Friday Night Lights might not be the best show to watch while invested in a project- Have you seen this series??? For real. I know that I’m way behind pop culture here. This is soooooo three years ago, but throw me a bone. Life was pretty busy during college. Remember, now I’m on my way to cat-lady status. I can’t tell you the number of times I was in the middle of a  long seam and had to stop and cry into my unfinished quilt because Coach Taylor being all inspiring to his men. UGH. It was a labor of tears. and cursing stupid Julie Taylor.

stupid Julie Taylor. ugh.


2 thoughts on “Sew, a needle pulling thread.

  1. Beautiful job! I could SO relate to every single step of this project as I just finished making a Pine Cove t-shirt quilt myself for one of my girls. Yours is just lovely. 🙂

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