Give me structure, or give me… a lame-sauce blog

I love reading my friend’s blogs. It really doesn’t matter to me if they are blogging about toilet paper… I so enjoy just reading about what they are up to in their daily life. It’s the little things that bring us together, right? I like blogging too… I just so often forget and don’t plan for it until a big event has past and I’m far too exhausted to write a post. And let’s be real, it’s a little intimidating to write something and send it into the world. Yikes.

One of my favorite friend blogs is Valerie and Ginger’s. I actually don’t know Ginger… but I’m convinced we would be soul friends. Val and Ginger are sisters and co-author a highly entertaining, challenging and well-written blog. Tonight Val and I were texting and my blog came up. Little did Val know, I had been thinking about this blog for days, contemplating how I could put some structure to this.

Here’s the deal. I thrive in a structure. Give me rules and I will happily follow them. Stick it to the Man? I will not. Me and the Man are good friends. Checklists… Yes, please. I’ve wanted to be a better blogger, so I’m putting a framework to this. At least for a little bit.

Have you seen the photo a day challenge that has been flying around lately? Another friend blogger of mine, Hannah, did the March photo a day challenge and it got me thinking… What if I made the photos I choose for each day a daily blog topic? That’s the plan.


Today is April 3. I’m starting two days late. I’m okay with it… I think. Moving on. Moving on.

Day 3: mail.

Confession: not all of this is my mail. I don’t get cool catalogs like Restoration Hardware . They were left at my house and help demonstrate my thoughts about mail.

I love coming home to see that the mailbox is stuffed full. Stuffed = magazines/catalogs. The old school version of Google Reader. Before we could clip notes and pin everything with the touch of a finger, we painstakingly cut out pictures of things we loved and things that inspired. I love coming home, standing at the kitchen island flipping through a West Elm or Anthro look book, swooning with my dear roomie, Emily.

In our minds, we live in Anthro world.
Reality: Target world.

On a good day.
and you don’t see me complaining.

Even the “bad” mail doesn’t always seem so bad. I mean, no one really looooves seeing Sallie Mae or TexTag appear next to the Ulta coupons. However, with every bill and notice I receive, I’m reminded of God’s provision. Once upon a time I had NO IDEA where I was going to school. Now I’ve graduated from Baylor (WHOA. Still weird) and the Lord continues to provide a way for me to pay for it. This time last year, I just wanted a job. Now, I pay for my TxTag because I like taking the 49 toll to work every now and then. That’s right, to work… Because I live in Tyler and have been graciously given a job that I love.

Earlier this year one of my sweet 3rd grade friends at church sent me a different piece of mail EVERY DAY for a week. Once I figured out that this was a pattern I got giddy about coming home to my mail. From bracelets to ice cream coupons, Juliana blessed me with mail that week and I’ll never forget it.

Mail. It’s a fast fading thing… I might just have to catch up on my correspondence sometime soon.
Isn’t that what fancy people do?

Btw. Sic em Bears.


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