Day 4: Someone who makes you happy

You remember Rachie, right?

Well, if you are a recent addition to my friendship circle you might not. Rachel Margot Zamzow was one of my dearest friends at Baylor. This morning Rach sent me a text asking how she could pray for me during this busy week… and thus, she makes me happy.

so many people make me happy it was going to be hard to pick one.

Rachel and I “met” on Facebook/ the BIC discussion boards (yeah, we are just THAT cool) before we even moved to Baylor. Because I am a creepy creepy stalker I figured out that we both were loyal marching band members and were both coming to Baylor, leaving serious boyfriends at home. Obviously, we were meant to be besties. Luck would have it, we were in the same Welcome Week group and lived next door to each other.

no way. God’s providence. From the beginning he gave me a soul friend.

Really, from like… day 3 all the way through graduation, Rachie and I had each other. We weathered a lot of wonderful, heartbreaking and random things together. From breakups, to family tragedy, to the joy of Sing Alliance, eating candy gummy brains (yeah. GROSS.) and spontaneous Sonic runs, Rach and I did a lot of life in four years. FOUR YEARS! Thats a significant chunk of time, folks.

When we graduated i was so afraid that we would lose touch. I was going to the Forge and she was married. Bigtime. Even though we don’t get to run across the hall into one another’s room or meet in hallway to share secrets, we’ve been lucky enough to get to stay close. Just in different ways.

Rachel “Kressie” Zamzow: making me happy since 2006.
I’m grateful for you friend.

may we always have the secrets hut.


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