day5: tiny. Maybe too tiny…

Wanna know something ironic?
I have NO CLUE where this ring is right now.

This afternoon I came home. Sat in our lovely olive green living room armchair and discussed important life things with Emily. You know, the typical. Like the Azalea Belles and Inception. I had thought long and hard earlier today what my “tiny” thing would be and decided on my Sh’ma ring from Israel. At the time I wasn’t fully sold on the tiny-ness of my ring, but thought that it has a good enough story to tell and is tinier than most things.

Lemme tell you, right now this ring feels pretty tiny.
because its nowhere to be found.

I snapped the picture with my phone and then continued to gaze out the window out our spazzy squirrels. Their psychosis must have rubbed off on me because I decided to fling my lap pillow across the room with great pizazz. Wanna know where my ring was?

Still on the pillow.
I think.

I’ve spent a good amount of time this afternoon crawling around our hardwood on all fours. I mean, it’s somewhere in here.  and I’ll find it. I have to.

I got that tiny ring when I visited Israel with my Forge class. Before we left on the trip so many people told me that I would crave to go back. They were right. I can’t wait to visit again one day or do a trip much like it in Eastern Europe. The Forge Israel trip is designed to be much more than simply a tour. As you travel, master teachers use the land and the text in tandem to teach history, theology and biblical application. Our trip was focused around the idea that we are called to worship God alone. Rather than living a life with a divided heart and divided affections, the Lord alone deserves our worship. However, our God isn’t a God that demands our affection, He isn’t interested in robots. Instead, we can see throughout the text a narrative of the Lord pursuing, wooing and drawing his people to himself. We are people who are called to love the Lord our God with all our heart, all our soul and all our might. My tiny ring reminds me daily that I simply can’t do that on my own. I mean, I totally fail at loving my roommate enough to do the dishes when I don’t feel like it. How in the world could I live up to God’s standard of loving Him with all my heart, soul and might?

Because Grace is enough.
Its everything I am, plus everything He gave.

that ring is tiny. pinkie tiny. but man… the lessons it reminds me of are HUGE.


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