I just need to take a moment…

and thank the Lord for fun days like today. I mean… everything just kept happening and I was getting more giddy by the second. Really, these were all tiny little blessings that would make any day great, but piled on top of one another was just too much to handle.

-started out with a rainstorm while I watched the Today show, coffee and iPad in hand. my favorite kind of mornings.
-then went to get my eyebrows threaded. Okay, I’m being vulnerable here folks and telling you about this because the scene was just to great to not share. I was already really nervous about this but decided to go forth and not tell a soul that I was getting my eyebrows threaded until after it was successful. It was. But the best part of the experience was waiting next to these two super thug guys who I assumed were just hanging around the mall. oh no my friends. These homies were there get THEIR eyebrows threaded too. Somewhere in my head I justified that if gangster 1 and gangster 2 were doing this… I could too. What?
-Took advantage of a major sale at LOFT. Thank you for supporting my shopping addiction my dear salesfriends. Note: I walked in already wearing LOFT, head to toe. embarrassing. This happens at LOFT and Target more times than I should ever talk about.
-In honor of my LOFT savings, I went to the little nail place by Walmart. There my friend Danny and I talked all about his girlfriend and how he won’t ever commit. Poor Danny. We’ll talk through this more, buddy. You and I have many many many more shellac appointments ahead.
-Then a very handsome man met me for lunch and we talked about lists and college roommates. I rejoiced that he isn’t sick anymore.
-Met up with Steph at the fabric store to peruse the goods.
-Went back home and made a super quickie, super cute scarf for my friend Randa. It actually turned out the way I wanted. Score.

-Got to have a five minute “hello” convo with my aforementioned Freshman college roomie. She’s a gem.
-Went to the movies with a bunch of little girls in honor of one of their birthdays. I cheered and giggled and gasped at “Mirror Mirror,” quite enjoyable if you ask me. A cutie cute old man stopped us in the lobby and asked if he could sing happy birthday to Anna. We said yes and he gave her $2. I got a little teary.
-Driving home I got a voicemail from a college bestie who I’ve been missing.
-Ran home to change and then met up with Randa and Jenny to grab some dinner. We ran out of time and decided Chick-fil-a was the best plan on the go because…
-We went to see GCHS perform Pride and Prejudice. A couple of my youth volunteers were in the show, so we went to cheer them on. It was stellar.
-We didn’t really have time to EAT the food before going into the show. So we loaded up Randa’s gym bag with waffle fries and chicken sandwiches and smuggled that sucker inside. If you were in the audience and thought you caught a whiff of BBQ sauce, you were NOT imagining it. Yes, we did bust out the Chick-Fil-A once the lights dimmed.
-Free TCBY at intermission. ummmm, YES.
-Now I’m home, compiling my playlist for the 5K I’m running tomorrow.

I’ll give you a moment to compose yourself and wipe off the beverage that you most certainly just spewed all over your screen. I AM running a 5K tomorrow. No lie, I’m scared to death. I’ve run much further than this, but not with people around. YIKES! No big, there will be tons of friends there and if I tank… I’ll just dash around to sidelines and pretend that I’m sweaty because I’ve been cheering so much.

okay. If you see me on the sidelines, promise me that you’ll go find the threaded eyebrow thugs and tell them to kick my butt back onto the course.




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