Room Makeover

This one is for you Leigh Anne!

Last May I moved in with Emily. She has the cutest house EVER and I really really REALLY love living there. We thought we’d test out the summer, see if we enjoyed living together and then decide if this roomie thing would work out.

it did.


and thus began my nesting into my Tyler home.

With four years at Baylor (THREE of which were spent in the dorms) a year living in the Forge apartments and summers scattered between Pine Cove and home, my furniture, decor and storage had a distinctly collegiate vibe. Rubbermaid tubs, plastic drawers, command strips and hooks… I mean, I was ready to pack it up and hit the road in the blink of an eye.

Well, a year and some change later my room is finally complete!
Apparently, you can’t change the photo size for a gallery. Lame. Click for a bigger photo!

DIY and purchase links: 

Pallet Wood Wall Clock- Field Treasure Designs

Distressed Canvases- Delia Creates

TP Flower Project- Imperfectly Perfect

Okay, your turn! What are some of your favorite pieces and touches in your home?


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