Day 9: baby carrots and the discipline of planning

You know that kid on Charlie Brown who carries around his security blanket all the time?

I have become this child.

My security blanket is not fluffy and nice for napping though. Everywhere I go lately, a bag of baby carrots and a sack of almonds is sure to be close at hand. I found two snack bags in my car this morning and another one in my purse. Got to work and there’s another on my desk.

That’s right folks, it’s day NINE and I’m still chugging along. It has NOT been easy, let me tell you. Although the logistical timing of this 21 day detox worked out nicely, I did not factor in FALL TREATS. The wide variety of delicious things to eat during the month of October is going to make this really difficult. Between Halloween candy, pumpkin deliciousness and the fact that it’s cool now and I just want to drink coffee all day long… temptations abound. The first week was really hard. I learned the hard way one day that you shouldn’t allow yourself to get even close to hungry while on this plan. Once I realized I was hungry, before I could even get to some food my energy was zapped. I feel like I’m eating all day, everyday. Except, I’m eating whole red pepper instead of the delicious muffins that seems to ALWAYS be at the church.

Biggest lesson I’ve learned so far: discipline takes planning. I do not consider myself a disciplined person at all. EVER. I so wish I was the girl that could wake up every morning at 5:30, ready to run three miles and then enjoy a delicious egg white omelet. I wish budgeting every month came naturally. I REALLY wish I only spent a few minutes browsing Pinterest rather than perusing for hours. Unfortunately I am human and don’t get to control my natural discipline factor. HOWEVER. We can train ourselves and put things in practice to be more disciplined. A huge part of that is planning. If I don’t have something pre-packed for lunch while on this detox, I’m in serious trouble. My fast food options are really limited. If I don’t look ahead on my calendar and realize that I will be at two fall parties with lots of delicious treats and make sure to grab my carrots/almonds security blanket… then I’m going down. If I’m going to actually eat enough in the day to not get super hungry, it takes a LOT more groceries and a LOT LOT LOT more produce chopping than before. For some reason, I’ve become super determined to not give up. I’m almost halfway through and I’m more than willing to do that planning necessary.

What else in my life is lacking discipline that could use a little planning? Simple things might make the biggest difference. I try to get to the gym consistently but with half marathon training, my schedule is a little thrown. What if I made a plan for the week rather than doing my usual, “well, I’ll see how I feel after work.” FALSE. WRONG-O. DON’T EVEN KID YOURSELF LACEY. I never FEEL like going to the gym, but if it’s planned out and the gym bag is in my car, then I have no excuse. I’d love to get up early so I have time to make my bed, read my bible and see my roommates. Know what that means? I should probably plan a bedtime ahead of time rather than just falling into bed when I get bored of Pinterest and Friends reruns.

What about you? What do you pre-plan in your life that leads to more disciplined habits?

lowpoint: saying no to ALL THE PUMPKIN THINGS at a fun fall party this weekend. I hid in another room the whole time.
highlight: I’m almost 10 lbs. lighter already. HOLLA. 


3 thoughts on “Day 9: baby carrots and the discipline of planning

  1. “Discipline takes planning.” Put that on a sign and hang it on my wall. Along with another one: “Be responsible for your own discipline.” I’ve learned that while accountability can be beneficial, I have to own the planning and discipline if I want something to develop into a lifelong habit.

  2. You always have me rolling, and simultaneously exclaiming, “AMEN,” while reading these detox updates. I am so proud of you and thankful to be doing this with you!

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