Love Life List

Dear Susie Davis,

You get me. You totally do. We haven’t met… but you GET me. My small group Instagrammed you and you responded back to us. How kind is THAT? Seriously, you rock.

My BFF that I’ve never met, Susie, posted earlier today about making a list of things you love in your life. Since it’s been awhile since I’ve updated the blog, I thought… “why not do a list of my own as a little life/blog update…?”

My other BFF that I’ve never met, Jamie Ivey, always asks her guests what they’re loving this week… so why not throw some of that in there as well?

Here goes:

  1. Bilingual 1st graders. They are hilarious and sweet and clap for me.
  2. My small group. There are five women who know me better than anyone right now and that is SUCH a good and vulnerable thing.
  3. Spotify’s Christmas playlists.
  4. Morning car duty. It’s early and I don’t love that… but I love seeing all my students every morning.
  5. Community Advent dinner. It’s my new favorite favorite favorite. I will have to blog about that later this season.
  6. “Noel,” Lauren Daigle. As my friend Elle says, “In heaven we’ll all sound like Lauren.”
  7. Columbia straight leg hiking pants. They are my new yoga pant. #outdoorsy #NOT
  8. Our beautiful bedroom. It’s a haven.
  9. A little sister who is 11 years younger than me. It’s humbling to have someone who will always be looking up to you.
  10. Ghirardelli hot chocolate. Glory.
  11. Front porch views
  12. Elizabeth Clarke Brewer. She’s brand new and SO loved.
  13. Brain Gym. It’s a teacher life saver.
  14. Spontaneous Saturday trips with Dad.
  15. the worship team at Grace Community Church. What a gift.
  16. Squeals of delight about singing “jingle bells.”
  17. YNAB. It makes our marriage better.
  18. Breakfast scrambles and cheap mimosas at the house.
  19. Jesse Patrick Garner. He’s the ultimate best.
  20. Gold accents.
  21. Aeropress coffee. mmm.
  22. Twinkling Christmas lights.
  23. Fresh lemons from Jesse’s mom. They smell so good.
  24. Forge sisters
  25. Spanish. They were right. I would use it ALL THE TIME.

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