Forge Guild Turkey Trip: intro


If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have figured out that Jesse and I recently traveled around Turkey with a ton of people… and it was the GREATEST.

Turkish food? Meh.

Turkish delight? Bleh.

Turkish bath? HARD PASS.

Turkish (well… Greco-Roman) historical sites? ALL the gold stars.

Why in the world were we there in the first place? Valid question. Remember a few years back when I did the Forge program through Pine Cove and did a study trip to Israel? This trip is really similar, but was a reunion trip open to everyone who has ever been a Forge student. We had about 50 people with us, all either Forge graduates or people connected to Forge graduates. Just getting to spend time with all of those amazing people from across Forge history was enough to convince me to go on this trip.

We spent over a week visiting locations that are in the Bible OR help us understand the Greco-Roman culture that was the backdrop for all the New Testament. We got to visit Ephesus, Laodicea, Sardis, Pergamum and Istanbul, just to name a few.

This trip feels really different from the Israel trip. Israel is such a sweet, tender trip and scripture is really brought alive by the land itself. You are THERE, where Jesus walked and taught, and it feels so intimate. The Turkey trip is much heavier. Here, the text is brought to reality by the culture of 1st century Rome, which is not always pretty.

The big question we looked at on this trip:

When we stand fast in God’s grace we will not be moved by the world, no matter what. But how do we live in a way that the world does not move us? 

You know… just a light thought to contemplate while we travel.

Over the next few posts I’m going to share about our trip in a few parts. First, by sharing stories and pictures from the sites and teaching that impacted me most. Then, by sharing a few of the questions I left the trip asking myself and the background behind them. Last, we went to some really cool places that didn’t necessarily have a deep spiritual application, but were definitely photo-worthy. Gotta share great pics, right?


Theaters have a lot of stairs


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