Forge Guild Turkey Trip: the “just plain cool” stuff

This is just the cool stuff without my commentary… the art and architecture can speak for itself!

The Aspendos Theater

One of the best preserved Roman theaters in the modern age


The limestone cliffs at Hieropolis

A site that is completely unique to this location… because of the mineral content of the water of the hot springs, these limestone cliffs have formed over thousands of years with hot spring channels running through them.

This isn’t snow, yall. It’s hard limestone that is NOT comfy to walk on, but still really cool.


Hagia Sophia

A church, turned mosque, turned museum. The architecture of this building was revolutionary for the time, particularly the way the dome was built. It’s also known for it’s beautiful Byzantine mosaics.



The terrace houses in Ephesus

These were just really cool. Its a complex of seven 1st c. houses where archeologists are finding original frescos, marble and mosaics. WHAT EVEN.


The Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet)



The randoms….

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