Week 16- Bumpdate


That’s right folks… we’re truly becoming Team Garner over here and adding a baby in October!

We are super excited and can’t wait to find out the gender in about 5 weeks.

Here’s the latest:

Due Date: October 1, 2016

When we found out: at the end of January. I wasn’t suspicious that I was pregnant at ALL and was shocked to get a positive result when I took a test on a whim.

Feeling: Great! I haven’t been sick at all. PRAISE HANDS. Occasionally I’ll have a day that I need to take slow.. but overall things have been pretty normal.

Craving: sour things. I guzzle lemonade by the gallon and can demolish a bag of sour patch kids like a 6th grade boy. Also, finally liking salad again… it just sounded BLAH for awhile. So did coffee. Dark days.

Bump: sorta? I’m in the middlish stage of sorta pregnant, sorta fat… I’m embracing it. My pants still fit… so that’s cool.

Gender: we don’t know yet! Jesse is really excited about the thought of it being a boy. I’m firmly convinced its a girl.

Name: we are a house semi-divided. We both have a girl name that we really like, and will take a while to come to consensus on a boy name. Here’s hoping its a girl.

That’s really all there is so far! I’ll give some more fun details whenever things move along.. but right now we’re happy, healthy and excited.



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