Well, hello there!

Chances are if you are reading this, then you already know me…. I don’t expect too much traffic from the outside world.

SO. I’ll inform you, dear friend, of the latest.

I’m living in Tyler, TX. Just couldn’t stay away. I love it here.

Currently I’m teaching music at Peete Elementary. It’s exactly like the Sound of Music, except NOT AT ALL.

Still cooking all the time… just a little healthier than I used to after experiencing HUGE changes after completing the Whole 30. Please come hang out in my kitchen with me.

Still proud to have been a Baylor Bear. Sic ’em.

Still completely dependent on daily grace from the Lord. He is a good good Father.

Still a huge fan of Pine Cone Camp. Nowadays I live so close I can hear music from camp when I’m outside my house.

I completed the Pine Cove Forge program in 2011 and it continues to be one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

On September 14, 2013 I married Jesse Garner and life has been just THE FUNNEST ever since. He works for Pine Cove and is truly the coolest guy I know.


I thought long and hard about the “focus” of this blog because WordPress told me to. two minutes later I realized, I really don’t want there to be a singular focus. This is where a lot of my daily thoughts, pictures, DIY projects, kitchen successes (and failures), current obsessions and memories will appear. For better or worse!


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